Bloomberg: Former Obama Aide Starts Firm to Spur Investment in Poor Areas

Develop is an advisory firm for investment funds, wealth managers, corporations, project developers, and communities that are seeking to develop Opportunity Funds (“O-Funds”) and deploy capital into Opportunity Zones (OZ).

The OZ program is a new tax incentive designed to re-invest private sector capital into long-term equity investments in real estate, infrastructure, operating businesses, and start-ups located in low-income communities around America. It is the largest community investment program in a generation, creating a new industry of domestic emerging market funds from the $6 trillion in available capital gains.

Develop’s mission is to be the leading force in building this new OZ marketplace, by enabling O-Fund managers and other stakeholders to tap into its unique, best-in-class expertise and national network of relationships. In partnership with market leading accounting and legal firm, Develop provides a turnkey platform for the strategy, structuring, compliance, investor relations, marketing, and other solutions that funds require to maximize their success and impact.

Develop was founded by Steve Glickman, a former senior economic advisor to President Barack Obama, and the co-founder and former CEO of the Economic Innovation Group, the architect of the OZ investment program. Steve has already advised hundreds of investors and developers, worked with dozens of communities, and is regularly sought after as an expert by industry groups and the media.

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