Ozy: How His Obscure Tax Break Became a $60B Venture Fund for Low-Income America

Develop is the nation’s leading Opportunity Zones advisory firm, working with fund managers, investors, venture capitalists, project developers, and other stakeholders that seek to use private equity capital to positively transform communities through the development of new businesses, jobs, housing, and real estate projects in low-income communities throughout America.

The Opportunity Zones program is a new bipartisan Federal tax incentive designed to transform private sector capital sitting on the sidelines into long-term equity investments in real estate, infrastructure, operating businesses, and start-ups located in low-income communities around America.  This new $100 billion community investment industry is the largest such program in a generation.

Develop’s mission is to be the leading force in building this new Opportunity Zones marketplace, by enabling Opportunity Zone Fund managers and communities to tap into its unique, best-in-class expertise and national network of relationships.  Along with strategic partners at top accounting and law firms, Develop provides a turnkey platform for the strategy, structuring, compliance, investor relations, marketing, and other solutions that stakeholders require to maximize their impact and success.

Develop was founded by Steve Glickman, a former senior economic advisor to President Barack Obama, and the co-founder and former CEO of the Economic Innovation Group, the architect of the Opportunity Zones program.  Develop currently advises some of the largest and most impactful Opportunity Zone Funds in America and works in dozens of emerging communities.

Opportunity Zones Map

Search the 8700+ Opportunity Zones located in every U.S. state, territory, and the District of Columbia. QOZs cover nearly 12% of the U.S., and they are the home to 35 million Americans, 24 million jobs, and over 1.5 million businesses.