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Atlanta-Based Areu Bros. Launch Platform to Promote Inclusion, Diversity
Areu Bros Launches Socially Conscious Opportunity Zone In An Entertainment First
Opportunity Zone Prices Are a Fraction of Nearby Property Costs
Investments in ‘people and places’ start to demonstrate impact in Opportunity Zones
A Pathway to Puerto Rico’s Recovery
Trump's tax cuts were mostly a big waste of money, but they also included one idea that just might help rebuild forgotten parts of America
Innovation District plan in York City receives big boost from opportunity zone
How Opportunity Zones and Co-Working Spaces Joined Forces
Study: No Link Between Gentrification and Displacement in NYC
From ‘Dead Zone’ To Teachers Village
Opportunity Zone Investors Get Creative to Beat Tax Perk Deadline
Why Midsize Cities Struggle to Catch Up to Superstar Cities
Philly Federal Reserve study challenges conventional wisdom on gentrification
Titans Linebacker Derrick Morgan Retires From NFL And Launches $200 Million Opportunity Zone Fund
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Venture capitalist spreading funding to Middle America
Real Estate Is Not The Heart Of The Opportunity Zone Program
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Tax break plan ‘can level playing field with London’
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Sorenson Seeds $150 Million Fund to Invest in Overlooked America
With rules now set, Opportunity Zone tax breaks lead to 'Wild West' rush to invest
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Puerto Rico May Shift Some Aid to Opportunity Zone Projects
Amid a crisis of inequality, $2 trillion of tax-free investing in Opportunity Zones could benefit both rich and poor
Poverty Is a Bigger Problem Than Gentrification
‘Tide Has Shifted’ For Clean Energy Opportunity Zone Market
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The kings of capitalism are finally worried about the growing gap between rich and poor
The Tax Break That Could Fund New Charter Schools
New Opportunity Zone rules and tools open the door for investments in local businesses
Opportunity Zone Rules Just Got Clearer, Giving Investors a Green Light
Latest Opportunity Zones Guidelines Offer More Clarity For Business Investments
Cottage Industry in Opportunity Zone Data Forms to Fill Vacuum
Trump's Opportunity Zone Rules Deliver on Investors' Wish List
It's All Systems Go For Opportunity Zones Now
Opportunity Zones May Energize Old Industrial Heartland
Trump Administration Offers New Flexibility in Opportunity Zones
States, Cities Add Sweeteners to Attract 'Opportunity Zone' Investors
How to funnel capital to the American heartland
Chicago Real Estate Team Chases Tax Breaks in the U.S. Heartland
Chicago's poorest neighborhoods may be transformed by billions invested in 135 'opportunity zones'
Opportunity Zones venture looking to raise $1B for projects in “America’s Heartland”
D.C. Launching New Initiatives To Complement Opportunity Zones
20 Issues to Track in the Second Tranche of OZ Guidance
What Black Investors Need to Know About Opportunity Zones
Cuyahoga County collaboration to promote Opportunity Zone investments
Kresge seeds two Opportunity Zone funds, with impact strings attached
Gov. Newsom says Trump-backed investment program could boost California
Fund Raising for Qualified Opportunity Zones Is Starting to Trickle In
Investors Eagerly Await Trump Rules on Opportunity Zones
New Opportunity Zone Tool Shows Which Zones Have Best Investment Demographics
Reno to host Northern Nevada Opportunity Zone Summit
The Wizard of OZ (that’s “Opportunity Zones”)
Private Sector Looks to Measure Impact of Opportunity Zones
Habitat for Humanity’s bold plan to redevelop a mobile home park
D.C.-Based Opportunity Zone Fund Focused On Development Around HBCUs
Opportunity-Zone Investors Are Buying Now, Planning Later
While Others Can Wait, NYC Investors Move Quickly To Snap Up OZ Deals
Wall Street, Seeking Big Tax Breaks, Sets Sights on Distressed Main Streets
Significant Interest, Variety of Issues Raised During IRS OZ Hearing
So many Opportunity Zones, so many questions for developers, investors
Opportunity Zone Experts Voice Concerns Over Program's Rules, Suggest Fixes In IRS Hearing
Developers In Low-Income Areas Hoping To Catch The Attention Of Opportunity Zone Investors
The Potential Impact of Opportunity Zones in New Jersey
OZ overload
In the Zone
Puerto Rico, Land of OZ
Deepen in the Opportunity Zones
Opportunity Zone Investing Is A Race, And Baltimore Is In It To Win It
'A Systemic Change In The Way Capital Markets Work' — CRE High On Opportunity Zones
Understanding the True Opportunity of Opportunity Zones
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Trump Is Getting Involved In Opportunity Zones, And Experts Think That's A Good Thing
Trump Directs Government Spending to Opportunity Zones
Trump boosts federal resources to Opportunity Zones, as real estate investors keep pouring in
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Opportunity knocks in the US for rundown areas — and investors
Q&A: Venture Investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones
Amazon and the troubling rise of superstar cities
Rich Investors Eye Tax-Favored Development Funds
Why “Qualified Opportunity Zones” May Be the Next Hot Thing in Investing
A Big Tax Break for Socially Responsible Investing
Don't rob 'Opportunity Zones' of their full potential
Interview with Steve Glickman
A Google in Newark? VCs Hit Snag in New Tax Break for Poor Areas
Here's What You Need To Know About The New Opportunity Zone Guidelines
Mnuchin's $100 Billion Market Gets Boost With Rules on Tax Break
New ‘Opportunity Zone’ Tax-Break Rules Offer Flexibility to Developers
‘Opportunity Zones’ Rules Help Bring Program Into Sharper Focus
White House Approves a Tax Rule Meant to Help Distressed Areas
Which Properties Investors Expect To Benefit Most From Opportunity Zone Investments
The new hotness for tech billionaires? Do-gooder investments they can write off on their taxes.
Who’s knocking? Investors rush to set up Opportunity Zone funds ahead of deadline
Interview with Steve Glickman
Investors Lining Up To Pour Billions Into Opportunity Zones
Big Stock Windfall? New Rule Defers Taxes With Real Estate Investment: U.S. aiming to attract $100 billion in development with ‘opportunity zones’ created by tax overhaul
Mnuchin predicts $100B in cap investment from new opportunity zones
Hedge Fund EJF Raising $500 Million for Tax-Advantaged ‘Opportunity Zones’
VCs await regulatory clarity on Opportunity Zones, the latest tactic to draw capital to the Heartland
The Brief’s Big 8
‘Opportunity Zone’ Tax Regs Move Ahead, Get Budget Office Review
Architect Of Opportunity Zones Measure Starts New Firm To Spur Investments
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Fixing America’s Forgotten Places
With $6 Trillion In Potential Investment On The Line, Opportunity Zones Begin To Take Shape
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Local leadership is key for successful Opportunity Zones
The U.S. tries to boost poor neighborhoods, again. Will it work this time?
Investment tool could bring bucks to 'zones'
John Lettieri and Steve Glickman: Turning capital gains into community investments
Tucked Into the Tax Bill, a Plan to Help Distressed America
Donald Trump's jobs promise just about holding up but trouble may lie ahead.
As bids for Amazon’s headquarters come due, tech has a chance to spread the wealth
Huge Swaths Of America’s Communities Are Economically Stagnant: How Can We Make Them Grow?
Recession, recovery leave behind suffering communities
The large parts of America left behind by today's economy
How the recession’s long hangover lingers
Cory Booker and Tim Scott’s Bipartisan Plan to Wage a Smart War on Poverty
Getting ahead in the city is hard. In rural America, it’s even harder.
The Five Megacities Where Business Startups Have Boomed
Cash-Starved Startups See Some Daylight
The American Dream Is on the Ropes
American Entrepreneurship in Decline
The best and worst spots for new jobs traded places in the last 2 decades
The big advantage superstar cities have over everyone else
How The Investing In Opportunity Act Could Help Distressed Communities
Legislation aims to boost investment in economically distressed areas
When it comes to inequality, where you live matters more than you think
A Patchwork Of Economic Recovery And What It Means For The Presidential Race In 2016
The Recovery's Geographic Disparities
Poorest Areas Have Missed Out on Boons of Recovery, Study Finds
Republicans Candidates Turn to the Issue of Poverty. But Does Anyone Care?
Economic distress in America is red and blue
The most distressed cities are in blue states. The most unequal are in red states
Silicon Valley Investors Ready Economic Policy Push in Washington
Tech bigwigs help launch economic policy group

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